This year stage five of the Tour de France...

…went through the Alsace a beautiful region right next to the southwest of Germany. The Alsace is known for it´s beer, it´s choucroute (sauerkraut) and a huge population of storks as well as the beautiful Vosges mountains, the counterpart of the Blackforest in Germany.

The course started in Saint-dié-des-Vosges and ended in the beautiful city Colmar, going 169 km through the Alsace. I made it to the course with some friends and we really had a good time. Our first spot was somewhere on the ascending slope between the small village Thannenkirch and the Chateau du Haut-Koenigsburg a medieval castle enthroned on top of a hill with a height of 554 meter.

Even tho the part of the course were we stood as spectators was a little steep the peloton passed by in seconds, climbing up the hill super fast. Afterwards we drove to the finish line in Colmar where we saw the end of the race from far away but got pretty close to some drivers afterwards. We also made one of the biggest legends in the history of german cyclists, Erik Zabel.

I´ve made it to take some photos of the race as well as everthing surrounding it and once again learned a lot, for example why it makes sense to have a Canon 1dx when you´re a sports photographer, you really need that shutter speed! Another thing is, to try to get in contact and as close as possible to the subject…still working on that.

In front of the cyclists there´s a huge caravan of the sponsors on the course, that somehow looked a little like carneval, colored cars, loud music and a huge amount of promotion articles.

While my friends went to the award ceremony to see the winner Peter Sagan I´ve tried to get some shots of Rick Zabel, a young cyclist from Germany part of the Katusha Alpecin Team. He just came out the bus for a glimpse that I got some shots of him as well as some of his team mates such like Nils Politt and Mads Würtzs Schmidt.