Last Monday in Hamburg...

…I shot some photos with a personal fitness trainer. His name is Nikolas Matthies and he´s working as a personal trainer for several years now. He´s constantly working on his portfolio what let´s him travel to different places all over the world to learn traditional techniques from other cultures as well as sticking to the newest trends in the business.

Niko offers a wide range of training models such as one on one personal training, training for pairs or fitness group trainings. His Portfolio includes topics like body shaping, muscle developement, back training, core training, stretching and a lot more.
It was super fun and interessting to see him work with his clients. Apart from the fact that he really is a friendly and handsome guy he´s super professional and offers his clients the best individual and holistic training program you can wish for. If you´re interested in a free trial lesson you will find his contact details by clicking here. I documented some of his work during the day and really enjoyed working with him and his clients. Thanks a lot to Lisa, Hauke and Meike for being part of this and also a huge thanks to the kind people of the fitness studio Holmes Places in Hamburg Bahrenfeld for letting us shoot in their properties. As always feel free to share your thoughts about the photos, would love to hear it.