When it comes to Hip Hop photography...

…there´s this one guy from Germany called Pascal Kerouche. His career started back in the days when he flew to New York City at a young age to document the hip hop scene and life over there. He started to get in touch with the locals and began to portrait the first rappers from NYC, the great work he did there payed of and led him to Los Angeles and Snoop Dogg one day. All these experiences, photos and stories he put into his first photo book called Snapshot Stories.

Back in Germany he sticked to what he´s best at and continued taking photos of rappers from all over Germany, especially Estikay and the crew around the rapper Bonez MC former known as the 187Straßenbande from Hamburg. His Photos are so damn good and unique, each of them tells a story, they let you feel the spirit and vibe of the captured moment. He photographed all the rappers I love and his work is super inspiring, thats why he is this weeks MVP. His photos are super authentic and intimate. If you want to learn more about Pascal Kerouche make sure to follow his Instagram and check out the photos and video I shared below!

Title Photo: Lena Müller