When it comes to storytelling in videos...

…you can´t avoid Casey Neistat. He is a YouTuber, filmmaker, vlogger, the MVP of storytelling and a huge inspiration on how to approach projects. What you learn from him really quick, is that it´s not about the gear you have, it´s about the ideas and the effort you put in. It seems like Casey is never sleeping pushing things always to another level such like vlogging on a daily basis for about 534 days. That´s incredible, he did a video every single day for 534 days! If you haven´t seen any of his videos, maybe this one is a good start. Be careful it is addicting!

Here´s a video of Casey talking about his career. It also shows some of his work and sums up really well what he did in the past years on his YouTube Channel or working for clients like Nike always going his way doing unexpected things.

On April 5, 2018, Casey Neistat announced a new projedt called 368 that somehow reminds me on The Factory of Andy Warhol. Summed up it´s a creative space named after it´s adress (368 Broadway, New York) for all kind of creators to collaborate. Also make sure to check his Instagram.