When it comes to enviromental photography...

…you definitely need to know Cristina Mittermeier, she´s a photographer born in Mexico City. Furthermore she´s not only a photographer, she´s also a marine biologist with a degree in biochemical engineering from the ITESM University Mexico. Her Photos show places, cultures and wildlife from all over the world and her photos are outstanding with a clean and simple look that allows the viewer to dive deeper into the captured scenery. It´s needless to say that her work is for sure a great inspiration for my own landscape photography.

In 2005 she founded the prestigious International Leauge of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) to provide a platform for photographers working on enviromental issues. Moreover she co-founded SeaLegacy in 2015 with her partner Paul Nicklen. SeaLegacy is a non-profit dedicated to protect the Ocean. As you may already know I´m a huge ocean lover as I grew up on the seaside and always feel an inner connection to the ocean. I´m really impressed by her work and how she creates awareness about really important topics. To sum it up it´s important to save our environment not only the ocean as a source of life and work like Mittermeier´s is an indispensible part of this. In other words these are just a few inspirational and interersting facts about Cristina Mittermeier that makes her this weeks MVP.

If you do not already follow her work you should definitely start to do so. The easiest way probably is to follow Cristina Mittermeier on Instagram similary you can see her work curated as well as learn more about her on her Website with awesome photo series from all over the world.

Above all the following pictures and quotes show a little insight in Cristina Mittermeier´s work and I think sums up pretty good, what she does.

“Images can help us understand the urgency many photographers feel to protect wild places. My work is about building a greater awareness of the responsibility of what it means to be human. It is about understanding that the history of every living thing that has ever existed on this planet also lives within us. It is about the ethical imperative—the urgent reminder that we are linked to all other species on this planet and that we have a duty to act as the keepers of our fellow life forms.”
Cristina Mittermeier
PhotograPher/ Marine Biologist
" “I have a simple mission:
To capture fleeting moments eloquently and to translate them visually so that the universal human experience is recorded for future generations to see.” "