When it comes to weird perspectives...

…you should definitely check out german photographer Nikita Teryoshin. I love the way he looks at the world and how he creates awareness on certain themes with his photos. That´s just one reason why he is this weeks MVP, another one is, that his style is super unique. I´m not sure what camera he´s using but it seems like he´s shooting digital with a small flash and there are often popping colours in his images what I personally really like. He manages it to set focus on different topics and the weirdness behind them. Furthermore he shows different life circumstances from all over the world with a twinkle in his eye. Hornless Herritage for example is a series about the german dairy cow aka „turbo cows“ in the age of its technical reproducibility. In addition you find the whole series over at photographer Nikita Teryoshins Website with some extra information. 

Nothing Personal is another interesting series. It´s about the defence industry and war material where Teryoshin captured photos on defense trade fairs. Seeing snacks served on a defense trade fair, beautiful women inspecting tanks or families checking the specs of a combat helicopter makes you think twice when you have pitures of refugees or warzones in mind. Besides that I also like the work he did on appointments such like the artwork for musician Fynn Kliemann or photos of the football club TSG Hoffenheim. Make sure to check out his work on Instagram as well as on his website. It´s totally worth it. Also I would love to hear how you see his work and what you think about his photos. I´m looking forward and I´m excited to see what Teryoshin pulls out of his creative hat or head the next time.

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showing work of nikita teryoshin