Most Valuable Player...

…is an awesome person that you think is outstanding and who did something worth being around by definition. Used mainly in sports but now will be transferred to any type of person that I think is an MVP in what he or she does. Every Wednesday I will introduce you to a person that somehow inspired and affected me with photography, wisdom, social media or any other topics. In my opinion orientating on other photographers or any kind of interesting and inspiring persons is important for your personal growth. 

Let´s start this series with the MVP when it comes to music/portrait photography. Anton Corbijn. He started his career in 1975 and became one of the greatest photographers of all time. Over the years he developed an iconic black and white look for his portraits of famous musicians like Nirvana, U2, Metallica, Bryan Ferry, and those are just a few of them. He mostly shots on a Medium Format Hasselblad Camera. In my opinion he gives the persons in front of his camera the „superstar look“ while he shows the viewer what he sees in them.

Here are some of my most favourite photos he took over the years. In order of appearance Henry Rollins, Vanessa Paradis, Naomi Campbell, Clint Eastwood, Luciano Pavarotti and Keith Richards. The intensity of these shots are just mindblowing.

I also recommend all of his photo books like 1-2-3-4 or my personal favourite Hollands Deep as well as any exhibition of his work, because it´s even more impressive when printed. Last recommendation for today is a really intimate Biopic about Corbijn published in 2012, it´s called Inside Out by film maker Klaartje Quirijns and definitely worth watching! Corbijn also is a director of several music videos and some great movies but that´s another story. The following photos are some of his latest work he did with skateboard ledgend Tony Hawk.