Everyone has to tell a story...

…so had Manni and Björn, two fisherman my friend Thomas and I met on a sunset mission a few days ago. Ten hours earlier I started my journey catching a train in the southwest of Germany bringing me all the way up to the north. The real north. However, let´s start at the beginning. Once I arrived in Kiel we provided my luggage, had some coffee and then jumped into the car to see the sun set on the beautiful Kiel Fjord in a small village called Stein.

As soon as we arrived we decided to visit the harbour first because Thomas told me that the dock was build in the shape of a fish, something I had to verify with my drone obviously. Right after we found a good spot to start the drone two fisherman came home to the harbour with their tiny boat called „Butt“ (named like the fish „Halibut“).

When I asked one of the fishermans if I can take some photos from their catch and the whole scenery he replied, of course you can. I expressed my thank and all he said was „people who talk can be helped“ a sentence his father teached him. A simple but yet beautiful and true wisdom I will never forget! Talking to the people is the best thing you can do.

coastline from above
"People who talk can be helped"
fisherman and his boat
fishing boat

We´ve spend quite a lot of time with these guys and that was interesting and pretty much fun. Thomas and I just took a few photos while Manni and Björn provided their catch of the day, eighty halibut stated Manni real down to earth. No big deal. Whilst time went on we had a great time, chatting a little and in the end exchanged numbers to send the photos to them. It´s always super nice to meet new and inspiring people who just love what they do to relax, and just do it to have a good time and because they can. As my friend Thomas summed up pretty good, Fisherman and photographers are often on the right place at the same time, luckily.

fishing pole and catch of the day
" Eighty Halibut! "
fisherman at work
bait sandworm
fisherman and bait
halibut photographed against the light
fisherman on their boat
catch of the day
" Fisherman and photographers are often on the right place at the same time, luckily "
Thomas Grams
Photographer/ Friend
fisherman at work
fisherman scoops water
halibut getting disemboweled
fisherman and his boat
fisherman walking in the water
fisherman against the light