It was a demanding timetable...

…not only because of the technical workload, but also because of the coordination required besides all the other stuff I had to do in „normal“ life. This weeks task from Coach Ripke was to make a video about yourself showing what are you doing or offering to your clients not taking yourself too serious. The reference to this task is a video Paul Ripke did on his own called „Better call Paul„.

The day I got the new task my brain started working, thinking in all directions considering what I want to show and how to do so. Somehow this old TV Show „Pimp my Ride“ came into my mind. To be honest I already planned a new series for my IGTV that should have this „Pimp my Ride“ theme but never realized it so I thought why not try to use it for this task. The next day I wrote down some thoughts, a kind of a concept but really short and then I drove to Hamburg for a few days. The days in Hamburg have been filled with work and action for that reason I didn´t really had time to work on the task but tried to use every free minute to think how I can manage this.

Back home I had to do a lot of editing and office work so in the end there were only a few hours left on the Saturday to get this task done. Failure is not an option. I did some really basic graphics for the Intro using Photoshop and then shot some scenes. First the ones for the typicall Xzibit Intro (he hosted the show „Pimp my Ride“ – here you find a best of his Intros) and second the further scenes showing what I offer. Afterwards I picked the music I needed and started editing what took way longer than expected. In the end I made it to do this task right in time but I´m already thinking about what I could have done different or better. I really would love to hear your thoughts on the video and if you have tips and tricks or ideas on how to do it in another way, feel free to send them to me on Instagram or via Mail.