Let´s talk about landscapes...

…because it´s all about landscape photography in this weeks task. The Coach called for sending him three landscape photos, shot on your own, no matter if shot on drone, iPhone, full frame camera etc. and also the subject „landscape“ was free to interpret. Additional to this weeks task there´s a raffle hosted by Coach Ripke giving prizes to the three best entries. My initial plan was to take some new shots only for this task to show you some unpublished photos. To be honest I didn´t managed that due to some reasons. A priori I want to make sure that I´m not complaining. I just want to share why it didn´t worked out which can also be seen as a small guide for landscape photography.

When it comes to landscape photography you´re contingent on the external conditions (location, seasons of the year, weather, etc.) and you need to learn that you can´t change them but you have the chance to observe them, to be to the right time at the right place. At the moment I´m living in the southwest of Germany and here´s the change of seasons going on (winter to spring). There are still some days feeling like winter while others already spreading a wonderful spring vibe. Sadly the last few days have been something in between, in Germany we say neither fish nor fowl. To sum up all this, no great conditions for landscape photography because the following ingredients were missing: good light (sunrise or sunset), mood (e.g. fog or deep hanging clouds), nice colours (e.g. winter wonderland white or fresh spring green). That doesn´t mean you´re not able to create good pictures with these conditions, but that´s not what I was aiming for. Long story short I´m lucky enough to have an archive full of landscape photos and to tell the truth, selecting three of them was as hard as getting up at 3am for sunrise to take some new pictures.

The following are my three lanscape photos as entry for this weeks task. I chose these three to show a bit of a variety while making sure that they also stick together at the same time. If you want to see more of my landscape photos make sure to check them out on my Instagram where you also find some behind the scenes in my insta stories or by clicking here. Last but not least you´re able to support my work by buying one of my landscape photos as a print. If you´re interested just write me an email or direct message with what you´re looking for (photo, format, etc.) so we can figure something out (shop hopefully coming soon).

Do you want to read more about landscape photography? Let me know in the comments so I get to know if I should write more about this topic. As always I would be happy to see your results on this weeks task, so please show me if you participated. Have a great day!