Just do it...

…that was my first thought when I got last week´s task from Paul Ripke. The task was to take a portrait photo and a Boomerang of each of the following: old women, old men, succesful business-women, creative business-man, siblings, baby. I was really psyched about the feedback on my week #2 entry and blog post, not only from Coach Ripke but also from all you guys! My second thought was: that is definitely the hardest task so far and where the hell should I find a baby to take a picture of? I can´t just talk to any mother on the street and ask her if I can take a photo of her baby. There are some babies in my family but they don´t live around here. In the end, I managed and was able to take all the necessary portraits even thoug it was tough and took a lot of effort.


What I did first was think about people I know that obviously fit into one of the categories, and then I asked friends if they know anyone with a baby. It turned out I didn´t have access to all of the people I needed. to take portraits of in my wide circle of friends so I had to talk to some people on the street. As well as taking the portraits of all those wonderful and kind humans, the best thing was to get in touch with so many different people – creating a kind of vibe like everyone is here to help me reach this goal. Thanks to all my friends who helped me as well as some of you who came up with great ideas and support.

Here are my portraits in the order I took them. I decided to take them wherever I met the subject with a 35mm lens. Oh, and then there also was this thing with the Boomerang effect. I tried to make this part of the task help describe the portrayed persons´s personality.

The creative buisnessman is actually a friend of mine called Sascha Eichner, he´s working succesful as a banker and as well as a photographer. I visited him in his office. It was a good and motivating start in this series!

I´ve met this lady on an evening walk and just started talking to her because of her unusual dress. It turned out she designed it on her own, except the bag. She learned to stitch and design from her mother in Berlin and then worked as a succesful fashion designer for years living in Mexico, the US and Paris. She was extrovert and left with the words „never again“ whatever that meant.

This is Filomena Pacciello my neighbour for the last nine years. She came to Germany when she was around 20years old and lived here since then as a housewife. A few years ago her husband passed away. Most of the time she was yelling at us to clean the staircase but somehow I always had a good relation with her. I often helped her with the groceries or other things and always was rewarded with a smile and most of the time something to eat as well.

This is Luzi isn´t she cute? The Baby was probably the hardest part of this challenge because you can´t talk to the person itself, you have to talk to others, the parents have to decide and that is a really sensitive topic. To be honest I really was struggling here, I asked a few parents and felt totally odd, some of them didn´t even respond. Huge thanks to Lisa & Basti for trusting in me!

The actual plan was to take a photo of Baldur (left guy) and his sister as I know both of them. Somehow this didn´t worked out because his sister wasn´t available but luckily I was able to took this photo of Baldur and his brother Jonathan, both are really handsome guys doing stuff brothers do. 

I don´t know much about this good looking old man. I already was close to giving up to find an old man to take a portrait of as I talked to so many and they all said no to photos. Somehow it´s much harder than with old women, not sure why. I took this portrait and was so psyched that I nearly forgot the boomerang but got back to this old fella seeing him walking away looking a little winged and joyful or was it just me?!

Thanks to everyone who was brave enough standing in front of my camera and to all of you for your ideas, feedback and outstanding engagement. Keep it up guys! I´m curious what the next task will be. Let´s do this together!

Cheers, Johannes Nickel