A day in my life...

…filmed and edited exclusively on a smartphone with a length of between 3-4 minutes embedding a song I like at the moment and me speaking to the camera. That was the task of week #2 with coach Ripke. For a few days it wasn´t clear if this task will be available to everyone again, because Paul decided to only give the task out to the two chosen ones due to such little participation the first week. In the end, it turned out that a few other people besides me asked for the second task and Paul was so kind to give us another chance. This was Wednsday last week, so there were only a few days left to get this challenge done. I‘ve already done some similar things in my Instagram Stories but those were much more spontaneous and never restricted in terms of duration, choice of gear I was allowed to use, or in any other way. I started the whole thing by thinking about what day to film and decided to choose Saturday for two reasons. First, I had something fun planned that day, and second, I would have enough time to edit afterwards. Even so, I already started thinking about the structure and all that in advance. I tried out some ideas and different techniques and wrote down a rough plan as well.


used this awesome app for cutting and colorgrading the entire video


to put some instant camera effects on some of the photos I used

The main apps I used for this project!

stop motion

incredible app to create stop motion videos

iPhone Camera

all filmed on an iPhone 6s only

Ultimately, I was able to realize some of my ideas whilst others turned out to be unrealistic and maybe too ambitious to implement with a smartphone. Aside from that, some unpredictible things happened that day. All of the sudden I´m pretty stoked about the outcome and it feels good overall to see ideas that buzz around in your brain come to life in a short video. The most challenging part for me was the time restriction that was given, so actually my video came out nine seconds longer than permitted. Oopsies. On the one hand, it´s been fun to capture all these scenes and put them together. On the other hand, it defnitely was a lot of work. You can watch the results on my IGTV by just clicking here. Here below you can see some screenshots of the process and the final video. The track I used is called Sicko Mode performed by Travis Scott ft. Drake.

If you have any specific questions about how I did all that just hit me up. I would also love to hear what your experiences looked like. I learned a lot while working on this project and already would do some things differently now. Thats what I love most about these tasks of Paul Ripke, they challenge you and help you to improve yourself and the way you work. I will publish the photos of the polar dog sled race and my experience with the Sigma Art 35mm lens in another blog post midweek. That´s it for now, I´m excited what will be the next task. Have a great evening! Cheers, Johannes