I want to learn...

…I want to learn more about photography, social media, content creation and all what comes with it to get better at it, for that reason I love it to connect and learn from other people, sharing thoughts and think different. Thats why I decided to apply as a so called „Mini-Paul“ a few weeks ago. The whole thing is about Paul Ripke a well known and succesful german photographer who offered someone the chance lending his equipment and mentoring him or her for three months with weekly tasks.

For several reasons I didn´t made it to become the Mini-Paul but Ripky decided to give acces to those tasks to everyone. That gives me and as well all of you the chance to learn, try different stuff and challenge yourself. I decided to take part at this challenging myself with CoachRipke and share my results and some thoughts with you over here and on my Instagram. 

The first task was to do different mood boards. The main thing should´ve been one reffering to the topic „Travel“ including 144 pictures. Further there should be done a top ten collection three times. First of your own photos, than one from the photos of CoachRipke and last but not least the top ten photos worldwide.

Make sure to check out the chosen one „Mini-Paul“ Keenan Derry and follow CoachRipke on Instagram to be part of it (just check those IGTV thing called „Daily Ripky“.



Every single mood board was tricky in it´s own way. On the one hand it is super easy to find 144 photos reffering to „travel“ on the other hand there are so many beautiful, epic and different photos out there that it is really hard to choose. I tried to find the right mix of lifestyle, cultural, landscape, wildlife shots to sum up this topic for me.

Top Ten Paul Ripke

It was hard to choose the top photos of Paul Ripke as well, as he took so much in the past and of course a lot of good ones. Thats my choice!

Tot Ten Johannes Nickel

This one has probably been the hardest part so I decided to show some variety here and some photos I connect memories with.

Top Ten Worldwide

This task was or is nearly impossible to manage. Out there are so many great pictures so its hard to choose the top ten worldwide. I chose ten pictures I really love to watch and those who probably affected me when I first saw them!

Let´s see whats the next task!